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"...Wij werken al meer dan 10 jaar samen met Meulendijks Solutions. Zij zijn voor de VPK groep een betrouwbare partner in nieuwbouw, modificaties, service en onderhoud aan prefeeders, pallethandlers, en PLC- besturingen. Kenmerkend is dat ze flexibel en snel schakelen voor een scherpe prijs..."

"...We have been working with Meulendijks Solutions for over 10 years. They act as a loyal partner to the VPK Group supplying new equipment, modifications, service and preventive maintenance to our Feedmasters, Pallethandlers and PLC-control systems. One of their strengths is flexibility and quick responses at competitive prices..."

Ing. H.J.E Walters
Hoofd Techniek / Technical Manager
VPK Packaging BV Raamsdonksveer

We have developped several new retrofits for Feedmasters and auxillary equipment, including a pusher upgrade to finally get away with trailing sheets caused by a poor functioning pusher assembly!

Side and back pushers are most likely subject to frequent repair sessions by your technical staff. Our widely delivered retrofit set is of a different setup, and replaces the existing assemblies without cutting or welding,  Return of investment is typically within a few months!


Available now is a modification set to convert your forks-style Pallethandler to a side-grabbing machine. This eliminates problems with stacks of empty pallets not stacked evenly, causing difficulties for your existing Pallethandlers sliding the forks in between the blocks of the pallet. At the same time every pallet is squared as it is grabbed.

Please check our RETROFITS page to discover many more possibilities and the services we can provide to enhance performance of your machine.